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Courtesy of Ben…

I miss you guys πŸ˜₯

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take me home… country road.. to the place I belong..

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Sayonara O!

photo(7)When you guys called out my name just as I was reluctantly going into customs for my flight back to London, I turned around to see you guys doing the Sayonara O dance. At that moment, I started to laugh and cry at the same time.

What an amazing experience the past week has been.. thanks for all the memories and laughter.. I seriously can’t remember the last time i have laughed so hard and continuously for a week. So lucky to have you guys as friends and it’s such comfort to know that you guys will be in my life forever..

This really was an epic trip.. driving day and night, watching as the scenes change from state to state.. the hundreds of songs we listened to, the hours we spent cracking up at absolutely everything and nothing.. the lessons we learnt from Kwan Sir, be that of 2012 or bringing back infamous dance moves, Yange and Sef battling it out with movie lines, Dotsy’s hilarious childhood stories..Β  Not sure we could’ve made it if it weren’t for all your good (and free) spirits! I loved it when we stopped at not just the monumental sites, but also the randomest places to take in the incredible beauty of the world. I love how the pics we took don’t just document the moments that we were in, but your smiling faces.

photo(4)Ben, it’s been short but sweet.. so glad to have met you and glad you came on the trip! The roadtrip wouldn’t have been the same without Kwan Sir. Seriously, where do you get all the knowledge from, and where do you keep it? You must use at least 16% of your brain.

photo(8)Sef, your good spirit and ability to put up with all our teasing are incredible πŸ™‚ You are such a gentlemen, so generous and you know we’re always just kidding.. you are so awesome, I’m gonna let that US$100 go..

photo(5)Dotty dear! I love your HA HA HAs.. i miss them so much already. From now on, everytime I take a train… πŸ˜‰ Thanks for being such a giving and considerate friend.. making sure that we’re all ok, that we have plans when we get to places… i love you πŸ˜€

photo(2)Yange, not just my sister but my dearrrrr friend πŸ™‚ sooo excited that you are moving to London! It’s been 9 whole years since we lived together.. I can’t believe I have been missing out on living with you and your funniest (and sometimes lamest) jokes. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get care packages πŸ˜€

Til our next trip guys!

Lovingly yours, your dinosaur


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Adey we love you :D

aw you are so cute πŸ˜€ we’re liking your away message! Totally missed you on this trip. and unfortunately, we didn’t make it out to visit your 2 special friends 😦

we’re in the hotel now, trying to enjoy our last night but it’s hard cuz it’ll be over so soon nooo 😦 swapping photos and writing the last of the postcards. Ben is snoozing away, Sef is trying to retaliate on postcards (defending all the big-head comments), yange is dling photos and andrea is showering.

let’s see what else I can report… Sef’s still really bad at being quick with comebacks.. completely got slammed down this trip by me, yange, andrea and ben hehe. Ben’s been teaching us loadss of things.. he must be the most knowledgeable guy I’ve come across. FromΒ the 2012 theory to geysers, to old school pop songs and basically everything else.Β I’m the red police – watching to make sure we aren’t speeding (only after we got 2 speeding tickets though!). Oh did you meet Tomalina? She’s our tom tom, given to us by Eric. thank goodness we had her! Ben calls her thumbelina sometimes though. Andrea’s HA HA HAs totally crack us up. Last night we got into Sheridan at 3am. Just as we get settled and into bed, we heard this huge WHONK WHONKKKK sound. It was a train… Andrea CRACKED up and was like HA HA HA HA HA. it was pretty funny. Yange’s life is.. a movie. Her and Sef have been battling it out with movie lines and scenes. Basically everything we experienced was ‘that was like in xxx movie’.


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Lovely bubbly


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Yellowstone to mount rushmore


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Farmer’s tan hehe


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Magnetic rocks!!! Only $6.99 a bag!!!

Hahaha great source of entertainment…not quite sure who would buy it though πŸ˜€


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We found them.


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